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Thank you for being a patient of Smile Loft! We hope you had a comfortable and positive experience. It is an honor that you chose us to help you with your dental needs, and one of the best compliments our practice can receive is a referral from a patient like you. 

We know that many people have friends or family who may be looking for a new dentist and it would mean a lot to us if you’d share our information with them. In fact, we are offering them FREE exam and x-ray!

And to thank you for being a loyal and all-around-amazing patient, we will enter you to win an Apple Watch each time one of your referrals comes in to see us. So...

1. Print and fill out the top section of the form above.

2. Give it to your friends or family to fill out the rest.

3. Make sure they schedule and attend their free exam.

4. Remind them to bring the referral card to the appointment.

We will draw a winner each time we reach 50 referrals!

Please Call (410) 768-4488 to get more information.   

*New Patients referred must come in for their appointment to be counted towards your entry. Referral must be 18 years or older. A comprehensive dental exam and a 4 bite wing x-ray will be provided for free, even if patient does not have insurance. If insured, we will bill your insurance, ensuring you sustain no expense. We will draw a winner at random to win a new Apple Watch each time we reach 50 referrals. Winner must post photo of themselves with prize, tagging Smile Loft. Smile Loft holds no liability for the prize after it is given.This program is subject to change and can be discontinued at any time. 

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